My Story

Losing those we love is the most difficult thing a person can experience within a lifetime. Losing my father in 2009, was the first time I had experienced grief on such a high level. I was a single parent at the time to my beautiful son Brandon-Lee, and my father’s death was such a huge blow to the both of us.
In October 2015, I received a call that would change my life forever. My darling son Brandon was in resuscitation following an Asthma attack. Brandon was on life support for 4 days before his death was confirmed at the age of just 16. Three years later, tragedy struck again when my courageous mother lost her fight to cancer. The three most pivotal people in my life, gone in the blink of an eye.
The amount of grief I've had to endure over the last 10 years has changed me completely. It’s changed me as a person, and how I treat others. It's taught me the sheer importance and value of memories, making them, and keeping them alive, to never take anyone for granted, and to remind them daily, how much they mean to me. It was through all of this that has inspired me to create a brand that would relate to each and every one of us in one way or another. A brand that represents love, memories, family and friends. Gifts that say "I love you", and scents to spark nostalgia, though all of which will give you moments to remember always.
I hope you love our products as much as we do.
Love always, Jennifer xxx

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